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MEET YOUR GOD-SISTERS - Fairytale Project




Hi I’m Jill!  My own life is been a testament of transforming areas of my life from good to great, and great to surreal.

Believe me, while growing up, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be incorporating a successful PR and Marketing business at 26 years old, let alone achieve a once unfathomable net worth before my 30th birthday, own ten investment properties three years later or be a pregnant day-trader later on in my life. Who would’ve thunk?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could completely change my body from a chubby-overworked-business-owner bod to a nationally ranked bikini competitor and fitness model at the age of 34 in the one of the most crazily competitive cities in the country.  OR be asked to partner with one of Hollywood’s A-list nutritionists to help train clients, some of the world’s most beautiful women at the Playboy Mansion and paparazzi-surrounded actresses, but to  help grow his business. I was able to pursue this passion project as a byproduct of investing and handling finances well in my 20s.

And, not that long ago, if you would’ve told me I would never find true love or have a family- it’s just not in the cards- I’d have reluctantly agreed with you…until one fateful night, on a solo road trip, I had a profound conversation with God and decided to change some things. Once I unlocked that power, energy and love, almost immediately, my WILDEST of wild dreams became real life. Literally seconds after, there appeared the love of my life, the man I would marry months later and future father of my son.  True story.

NOW another big dream is now coming to fruition with the launch of Fairytale Project. I’ve never been so passionate about helping more women get past the feeling of “stuck” to the feeling of freedom. Yes, it is primarily focused on finances-for the sake of freedom- and NO money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does allow you to choose your own adventure. I feel so fortunate for the choices I’ve been afforded and now I want to give other women the chance to create their own epic tales, aka Fairytales. So now it’s your turn… let’s create an amazing legacy together!

Your Fairy God-sister,



Hola, I’m Chelsea!

Connecting with people from all walks of life creates a zest for living that gets me through my day with a smile! I’m a lover of dinosaurs, impromptu dance parties, hiking with my Boston Terrier pup, Tux the Gentleman, and solo backpack traveling. My life mantra is, “Life is for Love.” I truly believe we should live everyday in love (and not just the romantic type, love for ourselves, others, and all that you do!). And that’s the root of why I was inspired to help further develop The Fairytale Project with Jill.

I spent a few years in my twenties feeling complacent and uninspired. I had a respected job title and good pay but I didn’t feel like I was being creatively challenged anymore. I felt “stuck”- stuck in my job, stuck in my city, stuck in my unhealthy body. This was soul crushing for someone who considers spontaneity and creativity to be pillars in the construction of their character!

After taking a good look at my life, paying off 17k in debt within a year and saving 15k on top of that, I feel like I’ve cracked the code to handling finances, having a successful side hustle that pays like a salary and living a life full of fun + freedom! With all this new excitement and inspiration I’ve found myself wanting to scream my breakthroughs from the rooftops! But instead of taking a loud and unproductive approach, I’ve developed easy to understand courses, with a step-by-step structure so you too can make more money and get on track to live a life of freedom and fun! I’m so honored to be apart of this community and beyond excited to share what I’ve learned about how to make your money and life work for YOU!

xoxo – Your Fairy God-Sister,