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Membership - Fairytale Project



Want to REALLY take things to the highest level for your self and your life?
Commit to Fairytale Project’s Royalty Membership and be part of a program and a sisterhood that will ensure your destiny and follow-through.

You won’t need to live in a city you don’t want to live in, work a job you don’t love, be away from your kids more than you’d like or possibly be in an unhealthy relationship because you don’t have the resources to do it on your own. You will have ultimate freedom and support of not only Jill + Chelsea but a group of ladies who all have a common goal.

– Each month only $77 for 12 months
– After 12 months, free lifetime access
– UNLIMITED access to all Six Programs with BONUS membership features:

Fairytale Finances 101; live stories and bonus interviews with
DayTrade Babe; live trades with Jill and access to Jill’s weekly trade logs
Side Hustle Success; live side hustle moves with Chelsea, access to her up-to-date tips and tricks for maximizing profits
Your Majesty; 24hr support community and live marketing strategy
Healthily Ever After; live recipes and seasonal options for staying healthy throughout the year, turbo-charged seasonal workouts to add to the mix with Jill + Chelsea
Energy Upgrade; seasonal energy upgrades and live advice and feedback from Jill, Chelsea and the FTP Royalty community

– Each Program taken at your OWN PACE
– Bonus Workshops and surprise Fairytale Freebies throughout the year
– Access to Member’s Only social media groups
– Live Chat Office hours for direct counsel from Jill + Chelsea
– Approximately 30% off purchase price of the individual programs alone
– Satisfaction guaranteed

Think about it. What it’s worth to you in stress-relief alone to become debt-free, get control of your finances… learn what it actually means to “have your money work for you” and learn how to day trade and invest, get a get Side Hustle that helps you get ahead faster, market yourself and your brand better with Your Majesty, and feel fantastic from the inside out with our Healthily Ever After and Energy Upgrade programs, both of which are supernova life-changing programs in themselves.

Please join us and have FTP Royalty Membership be the first choice in choosing your own fabulous adventure!